Oil BDV Tester

Oil BDV Tester
Oil BDV Tester

Portable 90kv Oil bdv tester introduction

Portable 90kv bdv test kit was designed on basis of IEC156 Oil-insulating testing, the process and result displayed by LCD, built-in EEPROM , can save 100 groups test results, all work can finished by mouse, test results printed by micro printer. This equipment is easy to operate, with powerful functions, stable and reliable, with strong anti-jamming ability, without death halt during the test.


Portable 90kv Oil bdv tester Features

1. Automatic test system, safe and clean.

2. .Large-screen LCD

3. It is suitable by the function of adjustable.

4. Equipped with over-voltage, over-current and limit protections.

5. Measured temperature and system clock.

6. RS232 interface, can connect with computer.

7. Power-down preservation. It can save 100 tested results and displaying current ambient temperature and humidity.

Portable 90kv Oil bdv tester Technical Data

Input voltage

AC 220V

Output voltage

0 ~ 90 KV

Accuracy degree


voltage distortion rate

< 3%

boosting speed

2.0 ~ 3.5 KV/S (adjustable)

static set time

15 minutes (adjustable)

booster interval

5 minutes (adjustable)

booster capacity

1.5 KVA

Measurement accuracy

± 3%

power supply voltage

AC220V±10% 50Hz±1 Hz


200 w

Number of times of continuous test


Voltage withstands time:

1-----10 minutes



Can store 100 group data.


390mm ×340mm ×3600mm



Oil BDV Tester