Project Solution

Project Solution

1)CT PT Test Project Solution

The CT comprehensive tester is developed on the basis of the original successful development of the instrument transformer calibrator and the detailed analysis of the mathematical model of the instrument transformer. The instrument can measure the volt ampere characteristic and curve, 5% and 10% error curve, direct resistance and ratio polarity of CT according to the national standard: it can directly measure the ratio of voltage transformer; it can measure the bushing CT installed in the transformer. It can measure the ratio difference and polarity of voltage transformer qualitatively; it can measure the actual secondary load of current and voltage transformer on site. The instrument adopts DC and AC power supply with high accuracy and automatic linear regulation; digital processing module with high speed and reliability; high power output power supply is required to meet the test requirements, and it is also convenient for the test personnel to use and carry; the pre measuring circuit with high measurement accuracy and stability ensures the accuracy and high stability of the instrument measurement. It can be used in high temperature, high humidity, sea, desert, extremely cold, high altitude and other harsh environments. In addition, the instrument adopts the 320x240 large liquid crystal (the liquid crystal screen which can work at low temperature can be selected in the north area) full Chinese interface platform technology newly developed by the company. It has human-computer interface, prompt wiring and operation, and any measurement parameter storage and measurement result printing function. (built in high-power transformer integrated tester. Can be tested continuously)

2)Transformer test project Solution

The experimental transformer is the basic test equipment for AC voltage withstand test of power plants, power supply bureaus, scientific research units and other users. It has passed the standards of the National Quality Supervision Bureau, and is used for the insulation strength test of various electrical products, electrical components, insulation materials, etc. under the specified voltage.

3)Anti electric larceny Solution

Two methods AC and DC, are recommended to determine the excitation characteristics of the core in the national standard. At present, the AC method is often used to measure the relationship between the secondary turn flux and the excitation current of TA in transformer manufacturers. However, the main disadvantage of the AC method is that 50 Hz power frequency will cause the winding and secondary terminal to bear over-voltage. Therefore, the test is limited by the insulation level of the winding and the frequency of the power supply. During the measurement, the low-frequency generator or other high-voltage frequency conversion equipment that can generate the low-frequency sine wave voltage is required, and the whole test system is cumbersome. The traditional analog RMS instrument is generally effective for the standard sine wave. When the signal waveform is distorted, the reading is not the real RMS value, so the RMS error is relatively large. In addition, the accuracy is low due to the small number of points in the visual surveying and mapping curve.