Ground Down Lead Continuity Tester

Ground Down Lead Continuity Tester
Ground Down Lead Continuity Tester

ZC-413B Ground down Lead Continuity Tester, it’s a portable tester with high automation degree, which is specially used for the electrical integrity test of grounding device, and its technical indicators meet or exceed the requirements of relevant standards. The instrument has the advantages of simple operation, high precision, fast testing speed, good repeatability and intuitive reading. It is an ideal special instrument in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, which greatly facilitates the development of the test project and improves the work efficiency.


Technical Parameters



Test purpose

Conductivity measurement of the connecting part between power equipment   and ground grid

Resistance   Range

Test Range


Resolution ratio


Test Accuracy


Other Indicator

Test current

DC 1A2A5A10A four fixed current gear

Test radius


Display mode

Three and a half digital LCD display

Working mode




AC 220V±10%



Environment Condition


- 10° C to +40 ° C



physical characteristics


300x 270x 200mm3


≈5KG Without Accessory


Product Features

1. Power supply technology: adopt the latest power supply technology, output 10A current, can work continuously for a long time, overcome the disadvantages of instantaneous current of pulse power supply, effectively break down the oxide film of contact, and get good test results;

2. Strong anti-interference ability: under the condition of serious interference, the last bit data of LCD screen can be stable within the range of ±1 word, the reading is stable and the repeatability is good;

3. Long service life: high precision resistance is used to effectively eliminate the influence of ambient temperature on the measurement results. At the same time, the use of military connectors enhances the anti vibration performance;

4. The operation is simple: just press the measurement key to get the measurement results. The measurement results are displayed by LCD backlight, with intuitive reading and good repeatability

5. Easy to carry: portable design. With small size, light weight. The panel and the case form a whole structure, with good seismic resistance.

Ground Down Lead Continuity Tester