Dissolved Gas Analyzer of Transformer Oil

Dissolved Gas Analyzer of Transformer Oil
Dissolved Gas Analyzer of Transformer Oil


Separation and determination of dissolved gases in insulating oil group by gas chromatography is the power supply enterprise to judge the oil filled power equipment in the operation of the existence of potential overheating, discharge of the fault, in order to ensure the effective operation of the power grid safety. Oil filled electrical equipment manufacturers is the necessary means for the factory inspection of the equipment.


1. High precision, stable and reliable temperature control system:

Main control circuit adopts the advanced microprocessor, large memory, the data storage is more reliable; the integration of measurement, control, and design of circuit board improves the anti-interference and reliability of the instrument; the temperature control circuit of the microprocessor, the heating zone temperature controlled object accuracy reached 0.1 degree;

The column case has over temperature protection. Any way the temperature exceeds the set extremely difficult, the instrument will stop heating, and on the display to report the location of the fault;

2. Compact man-machine interface

Instrument adopts large screen LCD liquid crystal display English characters, visual display,

convenient operation;

Self diagnosis function, can display the fault location;

Data power-off protection function, the instrument operation data set can be preserved for a long time in power;

3. The column chamber adopts the method of following heating up.

4. The instrument detects low content hydrocarbons and high levels of co and CO2 can be detected separately to avoid mutual interference.

5. Thermal conductivity detector (TCD):

By semi diffusion structure

The constant current control mode power

Sensitivity: 25000mV.ml/mg.

Baseline noise: s 10μV.

Baseline drift: ≤100pV/30min.



Operation display

192x64 dot matrix Chinese LCD

Temperature control area


Temperature control range

Room temperature+5-C~400℃, increment 1℃, accuracy ±0.1℃

Temperature programmed order

16th orders

Baseline noise


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Dissolved Gas Analyzer of Transformer Oil