Fully Automatic Ct Test Bench

Fully Automatic Ct Test Bench
Fully Automatic Ct Test Bench


This device is a new generation of electronic source instrument transformer calibration device newly developed by our company, with faster calibration speed, more accurate test data, better stability and more perfect protection function. The device consists of transformer calibrator, voltage and current load box, electronic source control cabinet, 12 position transformer test bench, etc.


The fllowing are the main features of ZCHG-12 intelligent tanstormer calibration device.

1.The device has three modes: online automatic, single machine automatic and single machine manual;

2.Complete the mesurement of 12 curret tansformers in the process of primary current rise; and realize the real function of speed verification;

3.The program-controlled electronic sourc is adopted, and the fixed point is fast and accurate, which overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional electrical voltage regulator, such as large noice, mechanical wear, etc;

4. During the test, the primary and secondary wiring of the standard transformer and voltage and current load box are switched automatically without manual shift;

5. It can also be used as power frequency and triple frequency withstand voltage test bench to conduct withstand voltage test of transformer;

6. It has over-voltage, over-current and dial indicator proection functions, such as phase loss, transformation ratio error, polarity error and exessive error in test;

7. The error management sofware device can be connected with the gapless ports of the state Grid, China Southern Power Grid, local power grid and other marketing systems;

8. The program-controlled source technology is adopted for the fine regulation of the instrument transformer verificaiton device, which makes the positioning of the test point faster and more accurate;

9. The instrument transformer verification device can carry out the regulation and non regulation measurement of the instrument transformer,during the measurement, the user can specify the measurment of any percentage point.

Product Parameters

Power supplyAC220V±10%,50Hz±10%
Working Condition0℃~+40℃
relative humidity≤85%(25℃)
Output capacity of voltage regulation control7kVA(250V 30A)can be extended as requirement
Fineness of voltage regulatorbetter than 0.04V

Fully Automatic Ct Test Bench